Marketing 101

If you’re here, you know how important marketing is to run a successful business. In this course, marketing experts Christina Mendez and Danielle Phillips teach everything from how to position your business and write your first marketing plan, to how to claim your Google business profile and run your first paid digital marketing campaign. Let’s get started.

Christina Mendez
Founder, Irene-Marie Co.

Christina Méndez is the owner and founder of Irene-Marie Co. a creative marketing agency designed to create innovative marketing campaigns that boost brand loyalty and convert to sales.

Irene-Marie Co. was founded in 2018 after Méndez left her corporate job in marketing to help small brands market more authentically. Christina spent the first 3 years focusing on business consulting with small business owners in efforts to deeply understand the gaps in small business marketing. In 2021, IMC retired business consulting to focus on filling the marketing gaps of authentic, effective marketing solutions. Méndez is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Business and Entrepreneurship Coach, and holds a certification from Cornell University in Women’s Entrepreneurship studies.

Danielle Phillips
Founder, Guide Beam Digital Marketing

Danielle Phillips is owner and founder of GuideBeam Digital Marketing. She started this business because she witnessed how challenging digital marketing can be for mid-sized businesses. She brings nine years of experience helping B2B and B2C companies be successful at digital marketing to the table. Daniele is focused on practical, actionable marketing solutions. She is results-driven, a big advocate of Dayton and building a better community, and an Enneagram 7 — full of ideas to help you grow.

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